Teen Wolf S3, E2-3 “Chaos Rising”/”Fireflies” Review


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Hey guys!!! Not much happened in these two episodes of Teen Wolf for me to do individual reviews. So, I going to go by main events. If you haven’t, check out my review for the last episode, “Tattoo”.

OMG! Scott finally told Allison the truth about her mother’s death!!!! Now, she can stop blaming Derek! Honey, it was self defense!

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Boyd and Cora

Allison and Lydia try to figure out what the logo is on their wrists. We later find out, thanks to Isaac, that it is the logo for the Beacon Hills First National Bank, where Deucalion and his minions meet, and where they have been keeping Boyd and Erica. But, Erica is not in the vault with Boyd!

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When Scott and Derek finally get to the bank, Derek finds Erica dead and his little sister, Cora, is alive!

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As it turns out, Deucalion has been keeping them from shifting and feeling the full moon in the vault for three months. This causes them to run rapid, be stronger, and more vicious. So much so that Derek, Scott, and Isaac had to seek out the help of Chris Argent to hunt them down! My question is – how are you a werewolf and don’t know how to hunt your own kind?!

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Mr. Argent explains to them that because they spent half their energy fighting their urges under the full moon, it put them at a disadvantage trying to get a hold of Boyd and Cora. Then, the idea of killing them comes up and of course Scott wants to avoid that resort. So they come up with the solution of containing them in the BHHS boiler room.

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But, wait! Apparently, teachers work late in the classrooms. Long story short, Derek once again saves the day by keeping Boyd and Cora from ripping each other apart and killing Ms. Blake!

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Human Sacrifices

The first three of many deaths are virgins – the birthday girl, the guy Lydia found at the pool, and one of the girls that almost got attack by Cora. They all had the same injuries, three-fold death – hit in the back of the head, strangled, and slashed throat.

This can’t be the work of weres because they would just slash victims with their claws or bite them numerous times.

Teeth n’ Nails:

  • So fireflies are not bioluminescent in California. Why are they glowing?
  • Lydia, who wears heels to the store? Also, you didn’t even go to the store and what is with the screaming?
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Teen Wolf S3, E1 “Tattoo” Review


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I know I’m way behind on my Teen Wolf reviews and you’re wondering where I’ve been. Some changes  and growing pains have been going on in my life but, I’m back!!!

…And I didn’t forget to watch our beloved summer show!!!

It’s that time of the year ladies and gents! Teen Wolf has finally returned…and with a vengeance!

Last season ended, well, in bigger problems to say the least:

  • We know Gerard is still alive.
  • We have an alpha pack.
  • We still are wondering why Peter would risk being weak for a while to come back from the dead.
  • Nobody has told Allison the truth about her mom’s death.
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Who’s this chick?

A blurry scene begins the episode with Isaac and a mysterious woman riding a motorcycle. She shares with him that through their claws they share or take memories away. This would possibly make sense why Jackson (in season 1) had memories of the Hale house (among other reasons, I think). Meanwhile, they are being chased by a set of twins who, besides being faster when they’re apart can also do this…

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Yeah.. I don’t know how you compete with that. Is this Dragonball Z?

So the mysterious woman electrocutes the giant alpha to separate them and then, tells Isaac she told him to hold on. How the hell is he supposed to hold on when you both fell off the motorcycle? Later on, they’re both taken to the ER and she tells Scott’s mom she’s looking for the alpha. Melissa thinks she’s referring to Derek but, she’s talking about Scott. (I called this in season 2!)

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Determined to find Scott, she leaves the hospital and goes to the high school runs into Allison and Lydia. Then, gives them a bruise which we later find out that it’s logo for the Beacon Hills First National Bank. Later on, she holds her own defending herself against the alpha pack until Kali scratches her with her feet!

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Our Favorite Couple

The timeline for the season is that has been four months since the Kanima and since Allison broke up with Scott. The teenagers are now in their junior year of high school. Both are working on themselves, especially Scott.

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Everyone in the world knows it’s hard for them to avoid each other since they’re high school, in some of the same classes, and it’s in the script! But, nevertheless, bizarre things still happen. Apparently, one night a deer ran straight into Lydia’s car. According to Scott, it was terrified of something.

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The Alpha Pack

We already met two of the alphas in the beginning, Ethan and Aidan (Charlie and Max Carver).

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Kali (Felisha Terrell) as far as we know is the only female alpha there is. Her weapon is her claws on her toes.

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Ennis (Brian Patrick Wade), all brawn and no brain.

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And finally their leader, Deucalion (Gideon Emery).

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Teeth n’ Nails:

  • Chris maybe out of the werewolf hunting business but, I think this will temporary.
  • What terrified the deer and what’s up with Prada and the birds?
  • Can someone please find me freshman boys that look like Jacob Black? I dare you!
  • Deucalion should stop stealing Gerard’s lines.
  • Why is Deucalion afraid of Scott?
  • I kind of like Scott’s tattoo!

The Glinda Palette from Urban Decay!!!!


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Here is the second palette from the collection – The Glinda Palette!!!

As stated before, this palette is $49 and can be purchased on the Urban Decay websites, Sephora and Ulta stores, and websites.



The palette includes six eyeshadows that can only be found in this palette. Two of them are duo-shades. The shadows are featured in the new UD palette which holds six shades which you are able to pop out and switch out other colors.

This palette is very on trend for the spring! It contains colors make you think of the season like pink, purple, and peach! Don’t fret, my smokey eye beauties. You can still create smokey looks using Tornado and South (for some complexions).

I want to share my experience to show on trend the palette is.

About a month ago, I went to Ulta to buy one of palettes. When I walked into the store, they had a big display of Emerald City with Theodora on the left and Glinda on the right. They were COMPLETELY SOLD OUT of the Glinda palettes and only had two Theodora palettes left. I grabbed one of them!

At the register, I asked if they were getting anymore in and one the sales ladies said not until Tuesday. But, I could try Sephora at JC Penny across the street.

Then, the other sales lady said, “I called there about 30 minutes ago. They’re sold out of both palettes.”


From the left we have Tornado (satin, very similar to Rockstar e/s), Aura (violet iridescent, rose iridescent), Magic (satin with golden shimmers), Illusion (satin), Oz (gold glitter, silver glitter), and South (grey-taupey satin). These were applied over UD Shadow Primer Potion.



The palette also came with a half-sized 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Rockstar and a full-sized Super-Saturated High-Gloss Lip Color in Glinda (which looks similar to Naked).

Here are somethings I forgot to mention in the last, but it still applies to this:

  • The eye pencil sets very quickly. You have about thirty seconds to smudge/blend it. After that, it stays put and will not move! A dupe would be Maybelline’s Master Drama eye pencil.
  • The lip color is very pigmented to the point that when to product rubs off, the lips will have a very pigmented stain. It is also very moisturizing.

In the packaging, there is a Get the Look card that gives you tips to get Glinda’s look or you can just create your own!

In my opinion, the look featured on the GTL card is not look Michelle Williams wears in the film. After seeing the film a second time, it looks like she has Illusion on the lids, Aura (rose iridescent) on the browbones, Oz (silver glitter) on the inner and outer tear ducts, eyes are lined with Rockstar, Magic on the middle thirds of the lower lash line, and Tornado on the outer thirds of the lash lines to set Rockstar.

My only complaint is that Magic is not as pigmented as the other shades. It’s a shame because, it’s such a pretty color. 😦



The Theodora Palette from Urban Decay!!!!


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If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know how obsessed I am with the new movie, Oz: The Great and Powerful. So you know I was stoked when Urban Decay announced that in a collaboration with Disney, they were releasing two limited-edition palettes inspired by the movie.

In my opinion, it’s not hard to figure out which witch is which!

I’m reviewing the Theodora palette first because I purchased it first. The Glinda palette will be reviewed in the next post. The palettes are $49 each and can purchased at Urban Decay website, Sephora and Ulta stores and websites.



The palette includes six eyeshadows that are exclusive only to this palette. Two of them are duo-shades which is something UD has never done before! The shadows are featured in the new UD palette which holds six shades which you are able to pop out and switch out other colors.

This can be described as a natural/neutral palette because of the earthy tones. This is also the reason why the palette will always be on trend. You can wear it everyday then, smoke it up for night.


Starting from the left, the first shade is called Broken (satin) which is great as a browbone or inner tear duct shade. Beware (matte) is a great transition color. Bewitch (satin), West (satin), Spell (black with green glitter, shimmery olive), and Jealous (both shades are shimmers). These were applied over the UD Shadow Primer Potion.



The palette also came with a half-sized 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero and a full-sized Super-Saturated High-Gloss Lip Color in Theodora (which looks similar to F-Bomb).

In the packaging, there is a Get the Look card that gives you tips to get Theodora’s look or you can just create your own!



That’s That Ish I Don’t Like!


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As human beings, we all have our little peeves that drive us nuts! Here are several of mine! In my Louise Jefferson voice, “I don’t like that, George!”

1. Rude and disrespectful children./Parents that can’t control their children.

I am so tired of seeing parents that let their children do whatever, whenever. Guess why? Most of the time they grow up to be individuals I have to deal with at my job! Please believe that when your kids are around me or at my house, THEY WILL respect me and my property!

2. Men/Women that don’t get the hint that I’m not interested.

No means no. I am in a committed relationship of almost six years. Get to steppin’.

3. People bringing babies and toddlers to the movies.

Why? They are not going to remember anything! Plus, they’re ruining the movie by talking and crying.

4. Line of demarcation./Poorly blended makeup.

I hate seeing foundation that, for one, is not the right shade to begin with. Two, it stops at the jaw line. Please remember to blend it on to the neck and if need be, the ears. There are many resources out there to help get the techniques that work best for you. YouTube is a great one!

5. Rude and irate customers.

First of all, how can anyone have a horrid attitude at 5:30 in the morning? I’m just doing my job and following the policies. Secondly, I swiped your card twice and message is saying that we do not accept the card. There’s nothing I can do. Yes, you can speak to my manager but, he or she will tell you that same thing. Thirdly, why are using a credit card to pay for coffee that’s $1.08 when you have cash in your wallet? There is no need to get upset of little things.

Can anyone else relate?

6. Bad customer service.

If I come here everyday, why do you still get my order wrong? Why should I have to ask for silverware and napkins?

7. When people don’t reply back to emails, texts, and calls in a timely fashion.

Did you die in the last week?

8. Parents not taking care of their children.

How is it that your hair and nails are done but, your kids look like crap? Seriously, you need to reevaluate your priorities!

9. Poor communication.

Many arguements could be avoided if some people used a better means of communication or give the necessary information.

10. Halitosis.

There are toothpaste, mouthwash, mints, and gum. Choose one!

What are your pet peeves?

2013 Goals and Resolutions!!!


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Happy New Year everyone!!! It’s time to improve and take risks. So, I figured I’d share my goals and resolutions with you. Not all of these will have explanations.

1. The obvious and most popular: Be healthier and lose weight.

I’m going to be real here and confess that I find it easier to just eat healthy, than to do that and workout. Another aspect I need to improve is staying motivated to work out. I would do the healthy lifestyle for 3 months then, quit. I need to lose a “little” more than just 15 pounds!

2. Spend more time working on me.

I’m pretty sure many 20-somethings will have this on their lists. There are some aspects about me I want to fix. I’m seriously thinking about keeping a gratitude journal. One of my favorite beauty gurus, Jessica Harlow, shared this idea of keeping a journal with a love letter to yourself, your goals, and your dreams.

3. Spend more time with friends and family, old and new.

4. Get a big girl job!

Like any other college graduate, I’m tired of my current job. I will say that it has given me experience with customer service, training employees, and working with different personalities. But, I’ve been there since I was 17 and I’m for something that uses my skills in social media, writing, and communication.

5. Blog more often!

My goal for now is to blog at least three times a week. I want to work up to blogging everyday.

6. Move out!

I’m 23. Need I say more?

7. Read more.

There are so many books I need to catch up on. I haven’t finished the Sookie Stackhouse novels. I think I’m still on the fifth book. I still want to read the 50 Shades of Grey and Hunger Games trilogies!

What are your goals and resolutions?

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Christmas Wishlist 2012


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Well, I got a couple of gifts from last year’s wishlist. I had to get my AP Style Book for a mass communication class. Last week, I finally got the Urban Decay Naked palette!!! A review and looks on this well be coming soon!!!


The other day, my boyfriend asked me what I wanted for Christmas. For the first time in life, I didn’t have an answer because, it hadn’t crossed my mind. Last week, Mom and I made trip to Target. I know I’m not the only one who goes straight to the electronics section when I go there or Wal-Mart! To my surprise, both seasons 1 and 2 of Lost Girl were on DVD!!! I quickly texted him about it.

Lost Girl Season 1

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Lost Girl Season 2

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In return, I will get my baby a Green Ranger hoodie. Yes, you read this right! This is the one thing he wanted.

Green Ranger Hoodie

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What’s on your wistlist this year? Happy Holidays!!!

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November Faves!!!


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I guess it’s that time of the month! This is my first faves blog post. I don’t know why I didn’t do this before. But, here we are! These are products that I’ve been using for the last couple months (as you can probably tell from the half empty bottles in the photo).


I mentioned these in the last post. Sweet on Paris and Secret Wonderland are the two I keep going back to for that “luxurious shower experience.” I love the rich lather and it helps that they are shea enriched helping my skin survive the winter!


I’ve been going back and forth between Avon’s In Bloom (left) and Eternal Magic (right). If you are familiar with Avon fragrances, In Bloom is by Reese Witherspoon and Eternal Magic is usually seen modeled by Zoë Saldana. In Bloom consists of the notes peach, tea leaves, magnolia, gardenia, jasmine, cashmere, and amber crystals. Eternal Magic has notes of rose and iris, velvety vanilla, and woody nuances. You can get these from your Avon representative, the Avon website, or Amazon.


This brand probably doesn’t need an introduction. High quality products that are budget friendly! That’s what I’m here for! I’m talking about E.L.F. (eyes lips face)! I have some brushes, one eye shadow palette, and the oil blotting clothes are the bomb! Their Kabuki Face Brush is very soft and gives an air brush finish. I use the High Definition Powder with the kabuki brush because I’m not a fan of the powder puff that comes with it. For my women of color, it can come off a bit on the ashy side. You can avoid this but by tapping off the excess before applying it to the face and/or brushing off the excess afterwards. I still use my L’oreal True Match powder when I need an extra kick of coverage for those “not so good” skin days. Both the brush and powder are in the Studio line and are available at Target and the E.L.F. website.


For my oily skin girls, DO NOT sleep on this product!!! De Slick by Urban Decay is one of best products a person with oily skin can have. Personally, I don’t like a super matte look on my face because it makes me look too powdery and fake. I prefer a semi-matte/dewy finish and this setting spray helps me achieve it. It controls oil and takes out the powdery finish many face powders leave. I bought mine at Sephora. It’s also available on Sephora‘s and Urban Decay‘s websites.


Winter is in full swing. Meaning, I have to pay special attention to my scalp since my dandruff can get out of control very quickly. Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy Ultra Shea Nourishing Scalp & Hair Oil has helped a lot. After shampoo and conditioner, I put this through my hair. Then, I put my heat protecting products in and blow dry. My hair dries smoother and it looks healthier. Warning: It little bit goes long way. I got mine at Wal-Mart.


Maybelline Show Color in Sapphire Siren… Saw this on beauty guru, Jessica Harlow and I had to go get it! Another good thing is that is it under $3! Sapphire is my birthstone. Need I say more? It’s too shear with one coat but, two coats should be enough.


I wanted to try something new and there seems to be a lot of hype around the Maybelline Master Shape Eye Brow Pencil. I got mine in Deep Brown. On one side, you have the pencil and on the other is the spooly to brush and blend in the color.

Non-Beauty Faves!!!


These two are a couple of my fave shows to watch. I spent some time last week watching both of these since, I finally got a new DVD player! Especially, since season 2 of Once Upon a Time is awesome. Season 3 of Teen Wolf started filming on Monday. So Mom and I are basically reliving the first two seasons (season 2 is on Netflix)! The acting on both of these is awesome!

What are your faves for November?

Ready for the Holidays?


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The one thing about the holidays I love is the seasonal scents from Bath & Body Works! About a month ago, I was running low on shower gel and made a trip to one of my fave stores. I wanted to try the Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin but, all they had was the body lotion and I really wanted that shower gel!

Most of these scents have connected memories to them so they have meaning.


Since I couldn’t get the Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, I decided to try something from the Paris line. I wasn’t too fond of the Paris Amour or Paris Nights but, Sweet on Paris caught my attention! The lemon meringue note reminds me of my Aunt Josie because every time she visits someone in the family has to make lemon meringue pie! Unfortunately, the Paris line is being discontinued so I got these on clearance. Get’em while you can!


A year ago, I tried Secret Wonderland and for some reason I didn’t like at first. So I gave it to my mom and it worked for her. A couple of months later, I decided to give it another try and it’s pretty nice. I don’t why but, reminds me of the Narnia movies!


I remember purchasing Dark Kiss while looking for new scents to try with my best friend. Long story short, we both love it and I have repurchased this many times. I can wear this scent all year-long! Warm Vanilla Sugar, on the other hand, is sold all year-long. But, I only get it during the latter part of fall to get me in the mood for winter. The warm caramel note reminds me of caramel sundae or Rolo!


Time for the holiday scents! Actually, I bought Vanilla Bean Noel last year in a mini bottle of the body lotion and someone stole it! I don’t blame them because it smells   so good and reminds me of snicker doodles in the winter time! Frosted Snowberry smells like frosting made from berries. YUM! Winter Candy Apple is a good scent for my hands after washing dishes but, not so much for a body scent.

What’s your fave scents during the holidays?

Updated Skincare Routine


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What’s this you see? This is me last week trying to get rid of flu! I had on the Yes to Tomatoes Skin Clearing Facial Mask and was trying to rest in my room. As I was laying in bed thought, “I’ll post my updated skincare routine!”

After trying the Burt’s Bees Natural Acne Solutions line, I noticed some improvement. It took care of my larger pimples and most of the cystic acne along my jaw line but not much was happening with the smaller bumps on my forehead.

I then decided to try the Yes to Tomatoes Skin Clearing line. The daily scrub was OK but I felt that my skin was not getting fully exfoliated. The line doesn’t have a toner so I had to use the Burt’s Bees one. The repairing lotion was alright at best.


Sorry that the products aren’t right.

The only products that worked were the spot treatment, the mask, and the daily moisturizer! Here are some pics of the skin after one week of use.

Left side

Right side.


After seeing that this line wasn’t doing enough for me to stick to it. I went back to Proactiv. And you know what? With in a month my skin had gone back to being 98% acne free! Of course there was some scarring from the previous breakouts.


Left side.


Right side.


Olay Complete All Day UV Moisturizer for combination/oily skin helped with some of the scarring. It has SPF 15 for UVA/UVB protection, vitamins E and C, and it’s oil and PABA free. But most importantly it’s non-comedogenic! At night, I use Yes to Tomatoes Daily Moisturizer since it helps get rid of impurities. Sometimes I mix the two together if I see redness where pimples are forming.


For the past two months, I have been using the Aveeno Positively Ageless Lifting and Firming Eye Cream. This is a little thinner than the Burt’s Bees’s Radiance Eye Cream and it absorbs faster. Plus, it takes care of sun damage in the eye area.

In the last three week’s I have been putting my trusty Neosporin on pimples and past acne scarring. This has been helping a lot since my skin tends to scar as soon as the pimple forms.


I also use the L’Oreal Paris Sublime Sun Advanced Sunscreen. It contains SPF 50+ for UVA/UVB protection, vitamin E and white grapeseed. It’s lightweight, water-resistant, non-comedogenic, and oil free. I decided to start using sunscreen after having a really bad tan on my left arm. One day, I came home from my internship and went to my room to change clothes. All of the sudden, I see this really dark tan line. Most of my arm was 6 shades darker than the top part of it. Now mind you the town where my internship was has a lot of open areas. Therefore, I got more of a tan there than in my hometown. It also didn’t help that the southern Illinois area was having three digit temperatures most of the summer! Ugh, I’m so glad Fall is here!


Here’s some questions. Have you ever went back to products that you used to use? Did they work better for you then or now?