If any of you have read my About page, you know that I mentioned that I have not blogged in about four years.  I used to blog on my MySpace page.  This was when MySpace was really popular.  I can remember coming home from school and logging on to my page before doing my homework.  To me, this was a way to unwind and relax before doing homework.  Of course, Mom never quite understood this!  I would change background very often.  There was once a Breakfast Club background!  Sometimes the songs would change three times a day!

At the time, I also read a lot of books.  Not only what was required to read in English class, but also books I read in my free time.  I can recollect the blog having a place at the end where the I could link books and whatever CDs I was reading and listening to at the time.  I believe I even rated and commented about them.

So it seems that blogging has made a way back to my life.  Let me ask you this: What hobbies have you gone back to?  Are you still passionate about them as you were before?  Do you plan to stick with it?  Let me know in the comment section.

Good Luck