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Comment #1 How To Be Cool When You’re 90… by Kandee Johnson 9/6/11

This is very inspiring!!  I think what happens to some of us is that we tend to take
everything too seriously and hold on to things for way too long.  She reminds me
of my granny.  She is very confident in her skin and still has fun at the age of
78.  She is also very active in the community.  I just love how she still
dresses very colorful.  This brightens my day.

Comment #2 When Did You Start Wearing Makeup? by Michelle Phan 9/13/11

I was about 11 years old.  I remember wearing lip gloss by Bonne Bell and the flavor was Strawberry Rush.  The product, when you moved it around, had a lava lamp effect.  I thought it was the coolest thing in the world!  The first time I wore eyeliner was at that same age.  My granny put her Maybelline eyeliner on me for the D.A.R.E. dance.  It was the one with the smudge applicator on the opposite end.  I felt so mature and loved the way it worked with my eyes inside of against them.

Now lipstick is a whole different story. I can remember playing with my mom’s lipstick and putting it all over my face when I was really little.  It did not help that it was a pinkish red color and Dad was supposed to be watching me! And I believe I got her face powder all over the floor! Powder, foundation, mascara, and etc I wasn’t allowed to wear until I was fifteen. It is a family rule and one I had broken many times!

Comment #3 ADVICE FROM AN ICON: Handling Criticism & Staying True to Yourself by Jessica Harlow 9/26/11

I really appreciated the advice. I always wanted to start a blog and maybe in the future a YouTube channel. So when I found out that one of my assignments in my Intro to PR class was to start a blog, I was ecstatic!! There were some many topics that I wanted to talk about like makeup, my favorite show, and the life of a college student. After reading this post and watching the video, I have even more motivation and confidence to blog about the things that matter to me.

Comment #4  Before & After: Project Organization by Jessica Harlow 10/4/11

I know how you feel to have your makeup organized.  I just did that about a month ago and had been looking for a big enough makeup box for awhile.  Luckily, all my makeup fit into a box I got from Target.  It is a relief to have everything in one place rather than searching in various places in my room to put a look together. Now, I  just need to organize my nail polishes and books.

Comment #5 Where Are You Going with Your Speech Degree? by Abigail Delehanty 10/9/11

When I graduate, I would like to have a job in the public relations field.  Right now, I am not to picky of what field I want to be in because the main goal nowadays is to just get a job in this economy.  But, if I had to choose it would be in the health, cosmetics, or fashion.  I prepare for the job market by recently joining the SIUE Chapter of PRSSA, going to my Intro to PR class, reading blogs having to do with PR and social media, and regularly going to the PRSA website.

Comment #6 WARNING: Can Your Hair Dye Kill You?! by Kandee Johnson 10/21/11

This is why anytime I buy cosmetics and beauty products I do my research first.  I read the labels, go to the company websites, YouTube for reviews, and search for the main and/or most harmful/powerful ingredients.  For example, I recently switched to Garnier Fructis shampoo, conditioner, blow dry and flat iron perfectors because I find it’s not as harmful to my hair and the products keep my hair in very good shape. My hair is actually softer, healthier, and stronger since the switch.  I will spread the word about this.

 Comment #7 Getting unsuck…or not. by Danielle Parmenter 10/30/11
I feel the same way sometimes. For example, my last blog post I knew I wanted to write about Halloween but the way I wanted to blog to come out was not happening. So, I kind of did a summary of my costume experiences and a little history. While I was putting the pictures on the blog an idea came to mind for next Halloween. For the month of October, I am going to blog about each supernatural creature (that I can think of) and its history. I guess it’s about planning ahead. Speaking of that, I need to plan blogs for this month. Good Luck!
Comment #8 Some Ups and Downs of Retail by Amanda Morgan 11/9/11
I work at McDonald’s and like any other place where an exchange happens, we have to suggestive sell certain products. For example, the McRib is back. We have to push the sell of “get a McRib meal, get a Mcrib sandwich for a dollar.” Sometimes, I just suggestive sell the fruit and yogurt parfait because it is a dollar and it is healthy. Come to think of it, I just try to sell the more healthy items.