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This episode was full of action and suspense!!  It started out with a bang when our favorite V-Team (Bill, Eric, Pam, and Jessica) walk to Moon Goddess Emporium while carrying traditional weapons.  The team is ready to blow the place up when Jason stops to warn them that Sookie is in there along with Tara and the other Wiccans.  Just as Bill, Eric, and Pam pretty much bad mouth Sookie, Jason does the brotherly thing and tells them all off.  He reminds them of everything Sookie has ever done for them.  Take that vamps!

Meanwhile, inside the building, Marnie is still trying to convince the rest of the Wiccans join her in defeating the vampires.  None of them are completely convinced until she kills one of their own, Casey.  Antonia decides that she has had enough of innocent bloodshed and wants to leave Marnie.  Marnie puts a binding spell on Antonia so the she can use her powers.  While this is happening Lafayette and Jesus give everyone the play by play of what is going on.  They decide to take Casey’s body and use her blood in a brujo spell so Jesus can break Marnie’s binding spell.  And out comes the devil horns.

While this is happening, the V-Team end up killing the other area sheriffs that are under Marnie’s spell.  This become hilarious when Pam takes the female’s vintage Cartier necklace and tells Bill and Eric to proceed in staking her.  Bill gets pretty fed with this necromancer and calls her a coward for hiding behind magic.  Marnie realizes he’s right and takes Sookie outside and uses her as a term for negotiation.  Their lives for Sookie’s.  Of course, they agree but their children and Sookie are not too thrilled about this arrangement.  Pam grabs a weapon and fires at the building.  Jason ends up in really bad shape and Jessica once again feeds him her blood to save him.  Since Pam disobeyed Eric, he becomes very furious and tells her to get out of his sight before he kills her. Ouch!

Back to the Weres and Shifters,  Alcide and Sam go on a hunting spree looking for Marcus.  Luna runs to Sam and asks where’s Emma.  Emma calls her mom through Alcide’s home phone.  So the gang rides over to Alcide’s home to Emma, Debbie, and Marcus.  Sam totally gives Marcus a beating and decides to let him live with his sins rather than killing him.  Marcus goes crazy and grabs the gun, but Alcide wrestles him to the ground, chokes, and kills him.  Alcide finally abjures Debbie and all is well.

Inside Marnie’s playhouse, she wants everyone to join hands to kill the V-Team after she sees her future death in a puddle of blood.  Her plans are once again disrupted when Sookie uses her “hands of light” to break up the circle. So instead of just setting Sookie on fire, she puts her in a ring of fire (Johnny Cash anyone?). Since Jesus broke her binding spell, her protection spell around the building was also broken.  Bill and Eric were able to rush in and kill Marnie.  What? The villain dies at the end of episode 11? That never happens…

Bill and Eric clean up the mess and all is good.  Back to Lala’s and Jesus’ house, Jesus feels bad about having a part in Marnie’s death.  His main squeeze consoles him and said that she made her choice.  And all of the sudden…Marnie’s ghost appears and enters Lala’s body!

  •   I loved this episode!  It was nice to see Jason step up to the plate to try and save his sister.  You know there must be a problem Jason is the smartest out of the bunch!
  • Even though I feel sorry for Pam, she needs to realize that even after over a hundred years there is a chance that Eric would fall for someone and she is not the only girl in his life (The Parent Trap memories!).
  • Casey, did you really think that Marnie was going to let you leave alive?
  • Marnie, did you really think Sookie was going to let you kill Bill and Eric? But, I did like the nice touch on your protection spell.  It reminded me of a bug zapper!
  • Thriller video anyone?
  • It was nice to see Bill and Eric work together.  They make a great team.
  • Jesus saves the day!
  • Why did Sam put the gun down in the first place?
  • Debbie, how dare you be unfaithful to Alcide!
  • How did Marcus become a packmaster anyway?

Image courtesy of The Faster Times via Yahoo! Images.

‘Til Next Time Trubies!