OMFG!!! What a finale!!!! I am still in shock.  The episode takes place on Halloween.  Everyone in our favorite town of Bon Temps is in their favorite costumes and in the spirit.  After the night before’s aftermath, it looks like Tara stayed at Sookie’s.  Sookie has hunch that her late Gran is nearby and Tara forgives Sookie for lying to her about Eric.

Sam has a funeral for Tommy and invites Maxine Fortenberry.  They reminisce about the very few good times with Tommy.  Everything is fine until Maxine tells Sam to call her “Mom.”  Creepy…

Speaking of Maxine, Jason decides to do the right thing and tell his Bubba about him and Jessica.  In my opinion, Hoyt took the news perfectly!  Reminds me of a scene from Boomerang.  Then, later that night Jason and Red Riding Hood decided to have a late night fangbang.  How classy.

Later that day, our fave fairy goes to Merlotte’s to ask Sam for her job back.  Now remember Sam was not really the one who fired her.  So he takes the blame and gives the best excuse I’ve ever heard and said, “I wasn’t myself that day.” We know, figuratively and literally!  To get back at Sookie, he makes her wear bunny ears.  Alcide stops by to tell her he is done with Debbie and then, in the worst way (even though he had a point), tells her his feelings for Ms. Stackhouse.

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While Arlene is trying to get her children to behave (Lisa was dressed as Jenelle from Teen Mom 2.  Really?!), someone from Terry’s past comes in for a visit.  Funny, he never mentioned him to Arlene.  Especially, since he saved Patrick’s life twice!

 Let’s see how the witches are doing.  Mafayette decides to hold Jesus hostage so she can take his magic.  So our favorite saint sacrifices himself to save Lala.  So now Mafayette is a brujo.  Dun, dun, dun!

Later that spooky night, Sook Sook runs into Holly, who informs her that Halloween night is the only night  “when the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest.”  Tara comes frantically running telling them that Jesus is dead and she believes Marnie is back and is possessing Lafayette.  The threesome run to warn Mr. Compton and Mr. Northman but find they are too late.  Both tied to a stake and are bound by the infamous silver.

Mafayette goes crazy and sets the two on fire.  Holly, Sookie, and Tara do an impromptu spell, calling on the dead to protect them.  And who shows up?!  Gran!!!  So Gran and Antonia have a chat with Marnie.  Our Lala is safe and very much himself.  Back at Sookie’s place, Tara tries to console Lafayette.  Jesus’ ghost appears and tells him that he is a medium so he will always be with him.

At our fave bar and grill, Arlene is just minding her business and taking out the trash when all of the sudden…She sees Rene!!!  He came to warn her the ghost of Terry’s past will come back to haunt him.

The Shockers:

  • Sookie decides to break up with both Bill and Eric.  She goes home and Debbie comes at her with a gun and fires.  Tara saves Sookie’s life and risked some brains in the process.  Then, Sookie hesitates for couple seconds and kills Debbie.
  • Steve Newlin is a vampire! I called that one in the beginning of the season.
  • Russel Edgington is free!
  • Nan is dead!


  • Sookie was crying and in trouble all that time and neither Bill or Eric sensed her danger?
  • Who was that were growling at Sam?
  • The Authority needs to make an appearance in season 5.
  • How much does Eric know about the Authority?
  • Did anyone notice Sookie said “Don’t die on me Bill” as him and Eric were getting crispy?!
  • TARA CAN NOT BE DEAD! We will not accept that!
  • Pam once again can get over herself.
  • How did Russel get free? (I do have a theory about this)

‘Til Next Time Trubies!