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I have a question to ask you?  What is your addiction? (And yes I do mean positive ones!)  Do you like collecting Pokemon cards? Swords?  Little trinkets? Antiques?

My recurring addiction is makeup!!!  I guess you could say that this is another one of my hobbies I am going back to.  Given the time and money, I try very hard to keep up on the different lines like Revlon and Maybelline.  Yes, I know you are wondering “What about the high-end lines like M.A.C., Nars, and Tarte?”  Uh, did I mention money?  Don’t get me wrong but I do want some high-end products because I hear from people on YouTube and a few family members how great their products are.  And I have been to Sephora several times in this lifetime.  In fact, I just ordered my first high-end palette!  It should be at my front porch this week.  It is the Tarte for True Blood Collector’s Palette!

If you want to know who I watch on YouTube, here they are:

About a month ago, I decided to finally put all my cosmetics in one place.  I had been looking for a larger cosmetics box for quite a while.  One day while my mom and I were at Target just picking some items for the house, I went to the cosmetic aisle and spotted (for now) the perfect box.  It was silver and had two compartments on each side and space at the bottom.

When organizing my makeup, I realized that I had 15 tubes of lipstick!  Over half of them were given to me by my mom.  Her Mary Kay rep gives her lipsticks to try but Mom would never wear any of those colors so she gives them to me.  Some of them I may have swiped on only once!

Just the other day, I bought some mascara.  Both of them are by L’oreal Paris- Voluminous Carbon Black (waterproof) and Voluminous Million Lashes (waterproof).  The original was the first mascara I ever used.  I will post reviews on both of these ASAP.

Good Luck