I am learning so much in this class.  I can not wait to start a career in this field.  An aspect of the field that I have learned about is conflict management.  My classmates and I discussed many companies that did great and not so good jobs at dealing with their crisis.  A current example would be Taco Bell and the way they handled the accusations about their meat not being 100% meat.  The company did a great job at swiftly resolving the problem with their press releases and commercials about their meat being 100% meat with seasoning.

On the other hand, the CEO of Netflix not so much.  First, he waited 2 months to apologize and began it with “I missed up…”.  Really?!  Then, in the “apology” he gave more unpleasant news about the DVD and streaming services becoming two separate entities.  So, now people have to pay for two separate services and use two different sites! On top of that, he did not bother to use any form of ingratiation to try to win at least some of the customers back.  Way to go!

Another aspect of this field that I am learning (or re-learning) is how to reach a multicultural and diverse audience.  The first thing that came to mind was the different age groups I have been learning about since my freshman year in college.  Let’s all say it together!  Seniors, Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Generation Y.  Also, how different racial and ethnic groups should be communicated to. Everyone in the business world  should realize that they need to market to all of these groups.  They all use the media channels.  Some groups use some channels more than others.  For example, the seniors should be communicated to through mostly television.  Of course, you probably knew that already.

Here are questions I want to leave you with.  Do you think Netflix can recover at least some of the customers they have lost?  What characteristics do you think each age group has?