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Ever feel like, blah?  I know the feeling.  Sometimes it seems that not matter how hard I try, I do not get to the results I want.  Take school, for example, you study every day for an exam that is scheduled for the upcoming week.  A week later, you get the exam back to find you did not do as well as wanted.  Then, some questions come to mind:

  • If I had studied/paid attention to  certain sections, would I have gotten a better grade?
  • Did I really study as well as I should have?
  • Am I just paranoid?

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I have been down this road a couple of times.  Since this semester is more than half way done, I am starting to find myself getting a stressed since I still have a lot of work to do (presentations, papers, quizzes, and etc.).  Sometimes, even I can get a little off track.  Half the time, I don’t use my planner because I have most of the class schedules memorized.  For example,  I totally forgot I had a report due yesterday until one of my group members reminded me.  This was at 4:50pm and the report was due at 6pm!  Thank God I had my flash drive on me!  To make a long story short, I was done with the report by 5:50pm.

So, I made a vow to follow these tips to get through the rest of the semester (5 weeks).  You can follow these too!:

  • Plan in advance. Meaning actually use a planner (pen/pencil and paper).  Schedule study time, relationship time, down time, anytime so you have TIME to do what you want.  For example, those Breaking Dawn tickets that you should be buying in advance-plan for that.
  • Have back up.  Just because you do not have a smartphone does not mean you can not put dates and events in your phone.  Even if you have a flip phone, all you have to do is got to the calendar menu, pick a date, and save.  Remember to have it remind you 30 minutes or more before the actual event.
  • Big exam = Big points.  If there is a big exam coming, take time (preferably 4-7 days) to study.  I don’t mean seven days straight no breaks!  More like maybe an hour one day, three hours another day…you get my drift.
  • Remember to have a life!  After all that planning and studying, remember to reward yourself.

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I hope that was helpful!