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Everyone always talk about spring cleaning.  Hustling and bustling to get rid of any left over winter clutter.  People take down their holiday decorated reefs and replace them with lively colored flowers, curtains and other trinkets.

What about holiday cleaning?  Especially for college students.  We spend 99.9% of the fall semester slaving over homework, papers, and assignments.  We really do not have time to fully clean our rooms.  When I have a busy week, the most I do is empty the trash can and keep the room organized (i.e. organized mess!).  Also, I keep important items like textbooks within arms reach. 🙂  Speaking of organized mess, I need do get my nail polish collection organized because they are all over the place.

What I like to do is completely clean my room a few days before Thanksgiving Break.  I get rid of clutter such as old test papers, filled up notebooks and anything I do not need or want.  Then, I dust, vacuum, and spray some Frebreeze.  This year, I am seriously considering decorating my room for the holidays with a mini tree and reindeer.

My Weekend:

  • Saw Paranormal Activity 3 Friday night.
  • Caught up on some Zzzz’s.
  • Got the laundry done.
  • Completed PowerPoint slides for Business and Society class.
  • Watch some episodes of Extreme Couponing with Mom. (I am tempted to try this!)