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A few weeks ago, my Intro to Public Relations class finally got the chance to practice AP writing for the media.  Everyone in the class had a choice of writing a pitch letter, a news release, or a media alert.  Since my professor said the pitch letter was the most difficult, I decided to go with that.

A pitch letter is a letter that is sent to media gatekeepers to grab their attention.  The pitch should be written in a succinct and brief way.  Basically, you are giving media gatekeepers ideas about they should put in newspapers and/or on the news.  The reality is that they receive many of these on a daily basis.  So, it is essential to have a great grabber in the beginning to get their interest.  The pitch should clearly state how and why the topic is newsworthy and present possible angles.

A week after we peer edited our papers, the professor had media professionals proofread them.  The professional I worked with gave me great feedback and she loved my grabber!  The only thing I was missing were a few more possible angles.  Needless to say, I got an 85% on the final draft!

A latest edition of an AP style writing book will be on my Christmas list!

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