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Hello everyone!!! Sorry for the absence.  I have been busy studying for exams, preparing for presentations, and writing papers.  In my “breathing time” I have been trying several new products that I will have blog posts for later on.  Most importantly, I have been playing with my new toy…the Amazon Kindle Fire!!!!  I got it as a belated birthday gift.

Now that I am on break I can get some reading done so I can get reviews posted!  I am considering re-reading the first four books of The Sookie Stackhouse Novels in part to do reviews and comparisons and also to pump me up for Season 5 of True Blood.

Let’s Catch-Up:

  • I recently been watching Xena: Warrior Princess on DVD and forgotten how funny some of the episodes where. I love the episode, Ten Little Warlords.

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  • I saw Breaking Dawn Part 1and it exceeded my expectations.  It was very cool to see how the pack communicates in their wolven forms.  Why did they not do this in the previous films?  The only part I had a problem with was when Bella went into labor and she fell to the ground.  There were two vampires on either side of her, her husband and best friend.  You mean to tell me that they could not prevent her from falling!!!  Come on now!!!  If I were her, as soon as I woke up from being numbed by pain, I would have back-handed all four of them!

    This is what Edward should have done. Period.

  • I love this season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta!!!  Sheree, especially, cracks me up!

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What have you guys been up to?