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Lately, I have been listening to country music.  The last time I listened to country music for an extended period of time was in high school.  Where I live we have several pop, alternative, hip-hop and r&b stations.  The pop and alternative stations are great.  There is even a Gen X station!  My only complaint is that the hip-hop and r&b songs nowadays sound alike!  Every song has a rapper on it.  Anyways let’s get to my point.  You can say that I have started listening to country to fill a void since most r&b has not been up to par lately.

It was one girls night out at Wild Country when the DJ played “Dirt Road Anthem Remix” by Jason Aldean featuring Ludacris.  The next day when I got home for work, I had to YouTube it!  This man can sing!  When I heard “Don’t You Wanna Stay” featuring Kelly Clarkson, I was floored.  The thought that went through my mind was that this should be my FUTURE wedding song (during the bride and groom dance).  Other artists I have been listening are Blake Shelton, Thompson Square, The Band Perry, and Big Little Town.

There is a song on Blake Shelton’s new album Red River Bluethat reminds me of my relationship with my boyfriend.  If you are a Blake Shelton fan, you probably know which song that is but I’ll reveal it: “God Gave Me You”.  My boyfriend and I have been through thick and thin.  I appreciate everything he does for me and he the same!

We were waiting for our food at a Chinese restaurant. Candid photo!

One of my co-workers and I love Big Little Town.  I love their harmonies because it reminds me of my days in chorus and their songs are relatable.  This group sings with so much soul!  I was on YouTube one day listening to their songs and I came across some concert footage of them singing with Sugarland!  It was effing awesome!  I believe they were singing “Walking in Memphis” by Marc Cohn.