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A news release can be written to introduce new products/services and events. A lot of times, these news release are part of a media (press) kit.  This usually comes with the infamous news release, a fact sheet, a media advisory (alert), and a pitch letter. These are usually used to give media gatekeepers so it is easier to write about the subject at hand. Other than the materials stated above, it can also include background information, photos and other visuals, biographical material on the spokesperson and/or senior executive, and basic brochures.

Usually media kits come in 9 by 12 inch folders with a cover and the organization’s basic information of the back cover. Sometimes it may come with business card and CDs.  In the past, there have been more elaborate and creative media kits. For example, to celebrate its 100th birthday, Planters peanuts made their media kit to look like a larger replica of the container for the peanuts.

Somethings to remember are that quality writing is still important. Most editors prefer the standard media kits because the elaborate ones often have poorly written material and visual aids, and/or too many brochures.  Sometimes public relations writers forget that these should be simple, with only facts, and should be concentrated on a particular audience.