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What is the opposite of a news release? A feature story. A news release contains the basic facts and information about upcoming events.  Whereas a feature story is gives more background information and gains human interest in a creative way.  Both use facts but the method is different. These are usually found in specialty sections of the newspaper.

Feature stories can do the following:

  • give more information to the customer
  • provide background information on the firm
  • give a behind-the-scenes perspective
  • give human dimension to events
  • generate publicity for product and/or services

When writing a feature story, writers should keep in mind that their piece should demonstrate a reason why a reader should use this information. Why is it valuable?  This is called service journalism. Consumers often ask the question, “What’s in it for me?”

The template of a feature is very similar to a news release.  It should include the firm’s letterhead and standard information. A feature also has a headline, lead, body, summary, photos and graphics. The body should have statistics and/or research findings and use descriptive word to put imagery into the reader’s mind. The summary is vital. It is very concise and clear. To have a better overall look, photos and graphics should be used.