I am giving my opinions on two very popular mascaras on the market.  Both of them are from L’oreal.  The first one is the Voluminous® Carbon Black and the other is the Voluminous® Million Lashes™.  I got both of these in waterproof.

The original Voluminous® I have some experience with because this is the first mascara that I have ever used.  Hell, even my mom used it back in the day.  This product lasted a whole work day. I did not notice any flaking until after ten hours of wear.  It coats every lash, thickens, separates, and of course voluminizes.  Up to three coats can be applied before any clumping happens.  When I first buy it, the formula is a little wet almost like the Maybelline Great Lash mascara.  As you use it, overtime the formula get dryer and becomes perfect like the Revlon Fabulash mascara.

Voluminous® Million Lashes™ is my favorite of the two.  Like the original it lasts a work day and has some flaking after ten hours of wear.  It coats every lash and separates (millionizes) and voluminizes.  You can apply up to four coats before it clumps.  My lashes became more visible because of the great separation and it is great for lower lashes.  I can actually feel my separated lashes.  This reminds me of the Avon Super Extend mascara but with a thicker consistency. It helps that the tube has a stopper but I kind of wish a little more product came on the plastic brush.  It would be nice if the original came with a stopper!  One thing that I would keep in mind is when you removed the wand from the tube, make sure to clean it off the very end because it can get a little gloppy.