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Ever heard the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words”? Well, that same concept is applied to selecting the right photographs for news releases and feature stories. They make these pieces more interesting. Somethings to remember are that the photographs and graphics need to reflect what the piece is about.  For example, what is the subject matter?  Is it for a ribbon-cutting ceremony or for a new product/service release?

Mr. Jero Wacik at the ribbon cutting ceremony ...

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Another concept to remember is to keep the photograph(s) interesting and be creative. Editors really appreciate photographs that are simple and uncluttered. Some tips are to have shots that have the background minimized. To achieve this, you should move in closer to the subject. An emphasis on detail should be included. Attempt to frame the picture.

Other things that should be taken into consideration are action, camera angle, and lighting. When people see action in a photograph, it gives them the perception that something is taking place. Interest can be generated by a simple camera angle. For instance, try shooting upward at a skyscraper. Something we all at times struggle with is the lighting. Whether using shadows or shooting outside, the lighting should be used to make the subject stand out.

What are some tips you can give for better publicity photographs?