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This year’s Spring Break was a very relaxing one. Literally. I did nothing but work, sleep, and catch up on some TV shows that I missed. If you read my last post, then you know I had the flu and was very tired. Usually, I work on the days I have off from school but this year I decided to use those days to get better.

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Later in the week, some friends and I went to Ihop to try green eggs and ham.  The eggs were not green but they were mixed with spinach which tasted awesome. It was delicious. Later, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for drinks. I had my first Bloody Mary and needed to drink some water afterward. It tasted like the adult version of V8. My mouth was on fire!

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I got caught up on Being Human since I missed the last couple episodes. Here are some of my thoughts:

  • Nora, Josh’s girlfriend, got on my bloody nerves and I quote Josh, “Packs and urges?” First of all, why would she go back to the pure breads. She knows they are not right upstairs! Why would she want to be “the wolf” all the time? Just because your ex beat the crap out of you does not mean that he has to be your dinner.  She had the nerve to bring reinforcements that love being wolves way too much.  Disappearing for a couple of weeks and not telling your boyfriend? There is no excuse for that!
  • Josh, why on God’s green earth would he give the gun that belonged to Hegeman to Cecilia. Did he not realize that would put Aiden in deeper with the issues he has with Mother and Suren. Obviously not. I will say that he deserves better than Nora.  She is crazy.
  • Aiden did great job of taking that pure bread out! I was not a fan how he got rid of the orphans.
  • I love that Kyle Schmid from Alley Cats Strike, The Covenant, and Blood Ties is playing Henry! Boy did he look scared when Suren was about to slice him!

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How is your Spring Break going?