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In today’s society, it seems as though the Internet is a top source of information. Anyone in the world can access it through regular means such as a computer or mobile means such as a smart phone. The industry is taking notice that this medium is still growing and evolving each day. This is a positive because public relations professionals can update information at a moment’s notice, communication between them and the public is ongoing, and it is cost-effective.

In the past several years, a new form of media has risen. Social media are media that allow the public to share ideas and opinions; and communicate with each other through technology. Some examples include MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and now blogging and Google+.

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What does this means for public relations professionals and organizations? It means that they now must listen to what the public wants. This is a 24/7 conversation and now, more than ever, people are engaging and listening to each other by way of comments and messaging. People would rather trust each other with information about firms, products, and services than advertisements. Bottom line-listen and improve.