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Recently, I have produced a newsletter. And now, I finishing my brochure. These two types of publications are popular among organizations. Newsletters aid in communicating what is going on inside the firm to the firm’s workforce and consumers. Newsletters should inform these publics and get them to take action. It should use the angle of what is in it for them. Granted, some organizations send these via email, most prefer it to be printed so they can show it to other coworkers, mark on it, and take it home.

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Brochures are used to give the most basic information about a firm, product, or service. They can be mailed out or given personally the consumers. Like newsletters, brochures should be made with a purpose in mind. Are you trying to gain members for an organization? Or are you trying to entertain, inform, or sell something to the audience?

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When writing any publication, it is important to think about what the audience would want to know about. Again, what is in it for them? Most of the time, public relations writers will have to research several topics and issues. A firm should plan what topics to cover throughout the year using an editorial plan. By doing this, public relations writer can write stories that complement the firm’s objectives.

When designing these publications, think of the firm’s personality. Does the firm specialize in outdoor activities or health? These pieces should reflect that. If the brochure was laying on the ground, would you pick it up? If you would, this proves the piece was eye-catching.

When putting together the layout, software such as Adobe InDesign, PhotoShop, and PageMaker are often used. With the software, public relations writers can draw illustrations, change fonts, add shades and backgrounds, and place graphics and pictures. Remember to be creative.

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