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Many college students in their senior year may feel the urge to slack off and procrastinate. It is that feeling of “Ugh! I just want to be done already!” Graduation is near and I thought I would give all graduating seniors, like myself, a pick-me-up.

Try to think of the last semester of college as the end of the race. You are almost there. Very close to the finish line. As many seniors are taking their second to last and/or last exams, quizzes, and presentations, please remember that there is still time to collect those last points. When it is close to the end, I give it my all. Sometimes I may even walk into a class with my game face on. On Monday, one of my professors said he wondered why I was so quiet. I responded that when I am focused on getting something done, I do not talk very much. At times, I am the same at work.

Yes, there are times that I just want to give up. But then, I remember I have a month left of school left. Just remind yourself that this is what you have been working for. Think of all the all-nighters spent studying for those exams and preparing for pop quizzes. Think of all the early mornings spent going to your favorite coffee stop and then working on those papers until they were perfect. Think of all the friends you have made who stuck by you when you felt lost. Think of the jobs you had held down and the rude customers you had to deal with to pay the bills. Those customers taught you how to deal with people with various personalities. And do not forget the many times you wanted to throw your laptop across the room.

It was all worth it. Keep telling yourself “I am almost there.”

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