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Black background with slender sans-serif words "LOST GIRL" amid curving wisps of white fog resembling long hair and the more solid curve of a female form laying on its side. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To most of us Americans, our thoughts on Sunday nights consists of “It’s the end of the weekend already?” or “Ugh, I hate Mondays.” Thanks to the Syfy Channel, I have learned to love Monday…nights that is.

There is a new show on Syfy that I can not get enough of. Well, it is new to the United States but not Canada. Lost Girl is about Bo (Anna Silk), a succubus who feeds on the sexual energy of humans. After the accidental murder of her first lover, she runs from her adoptive family. Because she does not know what she is or how to control her hunger, she is forced to move from place to place.

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While bartending she rescues a human girl and future best friend, Kenzi (Ksenia Solo). What she does not know is that she is being watched by Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried), a lycanthrope and detective, and Hale (K. C. Collins), a siren and Dyson’s partner in crime (literally). Bo is confronted by the elders of the Fae community to choose a side, light or dark. She decides to be neutral and fight for humans. While solving crimes with Kenzi, she ends up in a love triangle involving Dyson and human doctor to the Fae, Lauren (Zoie Palmer). As if her issues could not get any worse, she struggles to find out who her birth mother is.

My Monday nights are actually better now. Drama, love, blood, violence, loyalty, and politics of vampires and fae. What more could we ask for?

FUN FACT: Ksenia Solo was in Black Swan as Veronica.

Lost Girl airs after Being Human on Syfy at 10/9c.