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How many of you have gone to meetings and what are your pet peeves? I don’t know about you, but I have a small list of things I can’t stand at meetings.

  • Discussing the same ol’ things at every meeting. Can we move on to some new business, please?
  • Not getting down to business and getting off track. We can talk about your day and going out for happy hour after we talk about old business and solve our problems.
  • Not starting one time. How rude and disrespectful. You told people to be at the meeting at a certain time. People have other things planned for the day.
  • No one is keeping track out what was said or done. No wonder we keep rehashing the old business.
  • People not knowing about the meeting in enough time. This has personally happened to me. I had been sick for a couple of days and came back to find that we had a meeting that night. No one bothered to notify me when I was gone. On top of that, I had class at that time.

When having meetings, make sure you do not make the above mistakes. Also, budget your time and summarize what happened.