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Like any other plan, it is vital to start consulting with the client and/or management. That way you know what the client wants and you can identify the main objectives, opportunities, and threats. By this time, you should also gather and research information from the organization, brainstorming, focus groups, and surveys. Then, analyze this information and start writing.

The 8 Element of a Plan:

Situation: Relationship with the publics. Why is the program needed? Opportunities?

Objectives: Campaign will fail without clear objectives. Awareness?

Audience: Not the “general public.” A specific target audience. Male, ages 24-35.

Strategy: The broad concept. Must reflect the audiences’ self-interest and be expressed in every activity. Think news release or feature story.

Tactics:Β How are we going to do this? Posters? PSAs? Advertisements?

Timing: When should we conduct the campaign? How frequent should the message be? Due dates?

Budget: This is pretty obvious. Make sure you have enough money to do the campaign. How much is our staff time and out-of-pocket expenses?

Evaluation: Refers to the objectives and if you met them.