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Today is day 1 of three days of finals! Lucky for me, the two finals I have today are not the standard finals where you come in with a #2 pencil and a scantron. They’re more like end of semester projects. So, I am spending today working on my website/e-portfolio and personality profile.

In my Technology Application in Public Relations class, I have learned how to use Adobe InDesign to design a letterhead, a brochure, and a newsletter. With Adobe Dreamweaver, I am designing website to make myself marketable to employers. The website will contain my resume, work samples I did in class, and other information about me. Thankfully the site is almost done and not due until Friday. I will post the link to the site once it is graded.

For my Writing for Media class, I am just turning in my personality profile and the professor is going to give some words of wisdom. I’ll probably be there 15 minutes at the most. For this assignment, I had to interview a staff or faculty member on campus. For my sources, I had to also interview people who know the person like colleagues, students, and/or family members. The personality profile is on a professor. I am in the process of interviewing some students and trying to interview a colleague. This assignment is due at 6:30 p.m. Talk about working on deadline!

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