Sorry it took awhile to start posting again but I have been so busy with work and graduation that I needed a rest from my laptop. Plus, I have been thinking of new ideas to keep this blog more interesting! More details will come in later posts.

Here is how the rest of finals week went.


Tuesday, I was lucky to only have one final in the one class I needed to graduate…Management 441 a.k.a. Strategic Management! In this class, we were divided in teams to compete as athletic shoe companies through an online simulation called the Business Strategy Game (BSG). My team was Hermes Footwear. We started off in the game at the bottom. Midway through the simulation we were #1, then ended in fourth place.

Instead of having an actual final, we had a poster session displaying our decisions and performance throughout the simulation.


On the last day, I had my Applied Public Relations and Retail finals. These were more of the traditional “scantron and #2 pencil” finals. The Writing in Public Relations final took almost 2 hours to complete. Most of it was AP Style writing.

I blogged that I would you the link to my professional website after it was graded. Here it is: www.siue.edu/~jawade/

How did everyone’s finals go?