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The one thing about the holidays I love is the seasonal scents from Bath & Body Works! About a month ago, I was running low on shower gel and made a trip to one of my fave stores. I wanted to try the Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin but, all they had was the body lotion and I really wanted that shower gel!

Most of these scents have connected memories to them so they have meaning.


Since I couldn’t get the Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, I decided to try something from the Paris line. I wasn’t too fond of the Paris Amour or Paris Nights but, Sweet on Paris caught my attention! The lemon meringue note reminds me of my Aunt Josie because every time she visits someone in the family has to make lemon meringue pie! Unfortunately, the Paris line is being discontinued so I got these on clearance. Get’em while you can!


A year ago, I tried Secret Wonderland and for some reason I didn’t like at first. So I gave it to my mom and it worked for her. A couple of months later, I decided to give it another try and it’s pretty nice. I don’t why but, reminds me of the Narnia movies!


I remember purchasing Dark Kiss while looking for new scents to try with my best friend. Long story short, we both love it and I have repurchased this many times. I can wear this scent all year-long! Warm Vanilla Sugar, on the other hand, is sold all year-long. But, I only get it during the latter part of fall to get me in the mood for winter. The warm caramel note reminds me of caramel sundae or Rolo!


Time for the holiday scents! Actually, I bought Vanilla Bean Noel last year in a mini bottle of the body lotion and someone stole it! I don’t blame them because it smells   so good and reminds me of snicker doodles in the winter time! Frosted Snowberry smells like frosting made from berries. YUM! Winter Candy Apple is a good scent for my hands after washing dishes but, not so much for a body scent.

What’s your fave scents during the holidays?