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Image via Yahoo!

Image via Yahoo!

As human beings, we all have our little peeves that drive us nuts! Here are several of mine! In my Louise Jefferson voice, “I don’t like that, George!”

1. Rude and disrespectful children./Parents that can’t control their children.

I am so tired of seeing parents that let their children do whatever, whenever. Guess why? Most of the time they grow up to be individuals I have to deal with at my job! Please believe that when your kids are around me or at my house, THEY WILL respect me and my property!

2. Men/Women that don’t get the hint that I’m not interested.

No means no. I am in a committed relationship of almost six years. Get to steppin’.

3. People bringing babies and toddlers to the movies.

Why? They are not going to remember anything! Plus, they’re ruining the movie by talking and crying.

4. Line of demarcation./Poorly blended makeup.

I hate seeing foundation that, for one, is not the right shade to begin with. Two, it stops at the jaw line. Please remember to blend it on to the neck and if need be, the ears. There are many resources out there to help get the techniques that work best for you. YouTube is a great one!

5. Rude and irate customers.

First of all, how can anyone have a horrid attitude at 5:30 in the morning? I’m just doing my job and following the policies. Secondly, I swiped your card twice and message is saying that we do not accept the card. There’s nothing I can do. Yes, you can speak to my manager but, he or she will tell you that same thing. Thirdly, why are using a credit card to pay for coffee that’s $1.08 when you have cash in your wallet? There is no need to get upset of little things.

Can anyone else relate?

6. Bad customer service.

If I come here everyday, why do you still get my order wrong? Why should I have to ask for silverware and napkins?

7. When people don’t reply back to emails, texts, and calls in a timely fashion.

Did you die in the last week?

8. Parents not taking care of their children.

How is it that your hair and nails are done but, your kids look like crap? Seriously, you need to reevaluate your priorities!

9. Poor communication.

Many arguements could be avoided if some people used a better means of communication or give the necessary information.

10. Halitosis.

There are toothpaste, mouthwash, mints, and gum. Choose one!

What are your pet peeves?